Theatre Sinister Halloween Edition
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Theatre Sinister Halloween Edition

OPEN 20:00 movie start around 22:00
【CHARGE FREE】※1 drink order required
♠with 1 free popcorn

It's Halloween, however this year we don't think we'll be able to get excited with all our might (laughs) So we don't plan a DJ party like usual, but we'd like to hold the Halloween edition of Theater Sinister this year!
If you couldn't come because of weekday every time, or if you've never come and want to come, please feel free to come to Halloween edition! With charge-free popcorn as usual!

We're planning to show first movie from around 10pm and another movie will show after midnight, so let's drink together and get excited at the movie time!
We're planning to prepare a horror that everyone can watch and get excited, so please look forward to this Halloween edition!!!